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Our Team

Meghan McKenna, NP

A Nurse Practitioner with a clinical focus in rheumatology, Meghan McKenna holds a Master of Nursing degree and certification as a family health nurse practitioner. With 15 years’ clinical nursing experience in pediatric emergency medicine and chronic disease management, she also has vast clinical work experience in the medical cannabis field, working with special populations such as veterans, pediatric patients and diabetics, and those suffering from various connective tissue disorders and mental health concerns. Having seen success in achieving improved quality of life through the integration of cannabis as an alternative and adjunctive therapy, Meghan has focused her work within the cannabis landscape on the patient experience. She works closely with her clients to develop an engaged therapeutic relationship, which includes a focus on follow-up and monitoring programs for patients using cannabis as medicine. Meghan remains active in a clinical rheumatology role, and this breadth of knowledge helps her create a holistic treatment plan for patients.

Dr. Rahim Valani

Dr. Rahim Valani has been practicing emergency medicine in some of Canada’s busiest emergency departments for over 18 years. Through his positions with St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto), Brampton Civic Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences, Dr. Valani has led teams to respond to the changing needs of patients, communities, and the healthcare system. A recognized change agent, he has worked locally, nationally and internationally to learn, research, design and lead improvements to the delivery of emergency medicine as well as the supporting systems, structures, and processes. His innovative approaches have helped to relieve some of the significant pressures faced by our healthcare systems while concurrently raising the bar on quality to ensure Ontarians receive exceptional and timely care. Dr. Valani has worked with teams across Canada and around the globe to facilitate knowledge exchanges and collaborated on the development of the first international standards for pediatric emergency medicine.

Marisa Cornacchia, RN, DOMP

A Registered Nurse and Osteopath with an MBA in Project Management, Marisa Cornacchia has over 20 years of clinical experience. Her clinical work has included successfully working with veterans to reduce their use of opioids through the integration of cannabis as an alternative. Previously she has worked for two cannabis companies to develop their clinical protocols for outcome-based care.

The last two decades of Marisa’s nursing career have been focused on pediatric care management, chronic pain management and allied healthcare services to complement medical protocols. Marisa is committed to the provision of quality care and works closely with her patients using cannabis as medicine to develop an engaged therapeutic relationship, which includes ongoing monitoring and patient care follow-up.

Marisa is a recipient of the Robert Salter Humanitarian Award from the SickKids Foundation. The award recognizes and honours medical health professionals or support staff at The Hospital for Sick Children who exemplify the qualities of compassion and humanitarianism in the provision of patient and family care.

Dr. Gregory Smith

Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School in Chicago, and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University. He completed residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Since leaving the US Army with the rank of Major, Doctor Smith has been in primary care practice in California, Georgia and Florida for the past 25 years. He first trained on use of medical cannabis in California in 2000, and has made medical cannabis and CBD part of his practice since that time. He is the author of Medical Cannabis: Basic Science and Clinical Applications, the first scientifically-based textbook directed at educating medical students and medical professionals on the science and applications of cannabinoid medications.