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What are the most common medical conditions treated with medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis has been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms for a variety of conditions. It is commonly used for the management of various types of inflammatory pain, and has helped to improve symptoms including (but not limited to) sleep issues, nausea and neurological conditions. Many patients benefit from medical management with regards to sleep issues in particular; sleep is restorative and imperative for the healing process at the cellular level.

Please consult the Health Canada website for more information.

How much does medical cannabis cost?

The cost of medical cannabis is set by individual Licensed Producers (LPs), and prices for both oil and dried cannabis vary. Please contact us directly to discuss the costs of a treatment plan and to explore possibilities for coverage assistance.

How long will it take for me to get a consultation?

Our online appointment booking system shows all upcoming appointments available. We prioritize critical patients, and may be able to conduct your initial consultation within 24 hours of receiving your completed intake form.

Do I have to smoke medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis patients are primarily prescribed either dried cannabis or cannabis oil. Dried cannabis can be used in cooking or added to foods, or inhaled using a vaporizer device. Cannabis oil can be consumed orally, either under the tongue or mixed with food or a beverage.

Our practitioners will discuss the appropriate mode of consumption for particular ailments as part of your initial consultation, and this recommendation will be reflected in your treatment plan.

Can I discuss other medical concerns during my appointment?

Greener Life promotes all avenues of care management, please feel free to discuss any other options either concurrent with cannabis or aside from cannabis during your consultation.

How can I learn more about cannabis?

  1. Please feel free to call us directly with any questions at 1-833-851-6431
  2. You may also reach out to
  3. Check out Health Canada’s website for more information about medical cannabis, its health effects and risks, and regulations.